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Side hustles you can start today.

January 12, 2017



Earlier this week we reviewed some tools and software to help the budding entrepreneurs of 2017. Today we're going to take a look at some of the small business and side hustle ideas that you can use to get the ball rolling right now. Some of these ideas can be ventured with little to no start up money.



Thrift Shop Resale-

Fancy yourself as a treasure hunter? This side hustle is one that requires a collectors eye, a little investing cash and the ability to restore and repair items of interest. People drop off hidden gems at local thrift stores every week and with a little research and patience you can use that to turn a nice profit. eBay search some of the books you see, search the stamps you find on some of the pottery and glassware to see what collectors are willing to pay to procure your finds. Old magazines in good condition can fetch twice there face value in online auctions. Browse the aisles with a fully charged phone and find a diamond in the rough to sell online.




Lush DIY-

My lovely wife combined our passions into the foundation of a great business. Homemade crafting and a little chemistry know-how has lead to the creation of bath products that are fragrant and decorative. Candles, soaps, bath bombs and essential oil can all be made and sold from the comfort of your home starting at just $25. Whether it's Etsy, eBay, Amazon or even your own site, there are tons of platforms available to market and sell these products through. Visit your local arts & craft store to get supplies and tools and get started.





Near and dear to, blogging is an online business venture that can give you an audience for future business ventures. What's your passion? If it's cooking, crafting, sports, tech, finance or food, you have an audience waiting to hear what you have to say. Blogging is free to start through a number of platforms like Wordpress and, allowing you to grow an audience to market future endeavors to. For example, is going to launch several e-books and provide other services such as web design in the coming months. Other ways to monetize a blog are through affiliate links, sponsored posts and advertising links posted on your page. Some bloggers have managed six-figure incomes within the first two years of starting their blogs.





A Jack of all trades can and should market every skill in their repertoire. Websites committed to tradesmen such as and offer leads for all sorts of trades. DJs, handymen, writers and event coordinators can find clients all over the internet. The one thing that can make or break a freelancer's business is proper marketing. If you have no proof of the quality of your work, how can you impress potential clients? Start a website or social media page and have former clients write testimonials to attest to your skills.





Teaching/ Tutor-

A freelancer also has the ability to teach there trade to others through books and how-to videos. When it comes to teaching, you have to start with a lesson plan. Putting out all of your information in one shot can make a nice profit but once that stops you have no way to continue the cash flow. Instead, put out information in segments. This attracts people with a specific question or interest to that particular post or video. Keep in mind, teaching requires a detail oriented mind. You want the content to leave little to no unanswered questions regarding the subject at hand.




E-Book Writing-

I have three e-books in the works, set to be published between now and March. The invention of the table has allowed for the success of a number of coffee table authors in the 21st century. A series of 40 page short stories is a very feasible way to break into the world of literature. Fiction, poetry and how to guides are a good place to start and can be a great outlet at the same time, forcing you to focus on something other than the stressors in your life. Even if you aren't good at typing, you can still be a good writer thanks to dictation and speech-to-text technology like Dragon and SIRI. You also don't need to be an English major thanks to editing services like Grammarly.



If you can spare $100, you can go into business for yourself. Don't forget that we also live in a time where you can have strangers from halfway around the world fund your startup via Kickstarter and GoFundMe. For more inspirational posts to help you kickstart 2017, be sure to subscribe to

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