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12 Posts of Christmas: #12 Prepping For Next Christmas.

December 24, 2016


Christmas Eve at last! To all my subscribers, thanks for all the support. For the 12th and final post of Christmas, I've compiled a short list of tips to get you started for next year.



The tree

For those of you who went with the live tree, trim the branches off the tree, and saw the trunk into medium size pieces. Store the pieces in a cool dry place and when the next holiday season rolls around, toss the pieces in the fireplace or in a fire pit to fill the air with that fresh pine smell.



The Gifts

Less and less people use layaway these days do to the amount of items that get held specifically for holiday release. One way to stay ahead of the game is to create a “Christmas Account”, and there are several ways to do this. The first is the most convenient; simply create a savings account in a bank separate from your usual one. This ebbs the temptation of dipping into the account when you don’t need to. Another way is to establish in store credit. This works particularly well with stores like GameStop because you can’t use those credits anywhere else. The third is what’s known as a Christmas Club account. Many people aren’t even aware that these accounts exist. Christmas Club accounts are designed to protect your money from YOU. These accounts don’t offer much in the way of returns but they do prevent you from spending your Christmas saving prior to the holiday season (usually around Nov. 1) Many credit unions continue to offer this service so check with your local financial institutes to see who’s offering them.



The Decorations

Now here’s the big one. Properly organizing your decorations can save you a lot of time in next years setup. Below is a list of tricks, tips and gadgets that can make the job the task much easier on you.



  • The Treekeeper Pro is a rolling case designed to fit most artificial trees without having to dismantle them. Priced from $29-160, these cases can be found at online stores like Target and Walmart. They also sell similar cases for your ornaments.

  • Light Storage bags and cases are available for purchase just like the Treekeeper. But you can actually make your own if your craft. Get a small or medium plastic bin and a paper towel roll. Run one end of the lights through the roll until the plug reaches the other end, then start wrapping the lights around the roll so that when your reach the opposite end of the lights you can plug it into itself. Now you have spool that you can use to roll your lights out with.

  • Keeping those handy clothes boxes and the left over wrapping paper in its own low profile storage bin can not only cut down the space they take up, but also help to preserve them better. These low depth bins can be stored under beds or the bottom of a closet for next year.


I’m keeping this post short, sweet and simple. I’m thankful to all my readers and want to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas. I’ve got one more post before 2017 so if you haven’t already be sure to subscribe to

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