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12 Posts of Christmas: #11 Spending Christmas Solo

December 24, 2016


So far I've been talking a lot about things you can do with family and friends for Christmas. However there are some people who don't have family or a significant other to share the holiday with. Don’t despair. Being solo for Christmas isn't quite the same as spending Christmas by yourself. The 11th post of Christmas will hopefully help you enjoy your solo Christmas


Don't Hibernate

This is a must. Spending the whole day moping around will make this the sad and lonely Christmas you were dreading. There are plenty of things to do on Christmas day, so see what sort of events are going on in your area. If you're outside the states in a place that celebrates Christmas, you may be able to take part in some of the local traditions and festivals.


The Gift That Gives Back

Volunteering for a local good cause will not only occupy your time, but also put you in a feel-good Christmas mood, and it’s also a good way to meet new people.


Work Friends Are Still Friends

That quiet guy or girl at work that you exchange hellos with and occasionally chit chat with in the break area might need company as much as you. Even if you’re not that close, inviting them to a movie or lunch might help both of you get over your Christmas blues.


Speaking of Movies...

Most movie theaters around the world are open on Christmas and may even have a new movie being released that day. I have to say that if you do decide to take this route, keep in mind that you have the option to be there...the staff does NOT. This holds true if you go out to eat as well, a lot of big corporations that keep their businesses open on Christmas Day, make it a mandatory day for the staff, so don't give them a hard time.


Play Santa Claus

This goes with what we just talked about. Being by yourself or having to work on Christmas can take all the holiday spirit right out of you. In the spirit of good will, buy some presents to hand out to the people you come across. Candy, small gift cards and other pocket sized knick-knacks are an excellent selection in this endeavor.


Don't Forget to Get Your Present

The spirit of giving doesn't stop with others. Don't forget to treat yourself while you're out there spreading Christmas cheer. If you're overseas be sure to grab something to commemorate your trip.


Regardless of what you do specifically, you have to take that first step out the door and do all you can to not only cheer yourself up, but others as well. Tomorrow is my last post of Christmas and I'd like to thank my readers for supporting. As always, feel free to leave a comment and don't forget to subscribe to

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