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12 Posts of Christmas: #8 Last Minute Shopping

December 21, 2016



Life happens. Whether its work, your crammed schedule, or finances there's always the possibility that you've got some shopping left. For the 8th post of Christmas, I've got a few quick hints for you guys to help you finish your holiday shopping.


Prime Presents

Ok so pretty much everyone with a computer knows about Amazon. What you may not know as that they have 2-day shipping for free up until Thursday for Amazon Prime members and they're still letting people start a 30-day free trial. For those of us who've already used the trial, you can still start a Prime account and cancel as soon as Christmas is over if you aren't a frequent online shopper. Follow this link to see the Amazon shipping calendar and a list of eligible items.


Reserved Gifts

We briefly talked about this in our 2nd post of Christmas, gift certificates and store credits can work as a quick yet practical gift. Set up a spa day, pre-pay for a movie night or reserve something that still hasn't even come out yet. Know who you're buying for though so you know that the person receiving the gift will actually get some use out of it.


Last minute groceries

Just because you got all the gifts doesn't mean your through with shopping. Spending 30 minutes in a check out line is the last place any of us wants to be during the holiday rush, and yet there's always a crowd at the grocery store during the last week leading up to Christmas. Luckily there are a few alternatives to pursue when trying to get your fixings for Christmas dinner. Many major grocery stores will let you put in an order of groceries online or over the phone. Here's a few links to help get you started.



If you are artistically inclined, your local craft store is often times an untapped resource for last minute gifts that show thought and dedication. Many craft store employees are skilled crafter and are willing to lend insight to first time DIY gift givers. Pillows, canvas knit work, and wood prints are some of the easier undertaking for beginner's and the materials are relatively inexpensive.


No matter what stay calm. Stressing out over the perfect gift could ruin your holiday before it even gets here. Remember that the true meaning behind Christmas is the expression of love, peace and good will towards all. I hope this post was helpful in your Christmas crunch time. Please share these holiday tips with others who may need them and don't forget to subscribe to Yagoli.


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