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12 Posts of Christmas: #7 The Host With the Most

December 20, 2016


For the 7th post of Christmas, I put together some of the coolest holiday party ideas I've ever seen or tried. These ideas are good for those first time hosts/ hostesses as well as the veterans who are looking for some new ideas.






Free jukebox.

Time to cash in on those free trials from Pandora, Spotify and YouTube Red. A seven day trial is more than enough to set up a commercial free playlist to stream during your party and you can always opt out before the trial is over. The only catch to this one is that it won't work with a card that's already had a free trial accredited to it.

Let the Games Begin.

Instead of having everyone vegging in front of the TV for a Christmas movie marathon, organize some games. This also helps keep of the kids in attendance from running around the house.

  • A candy cane hunt - Think Easter egg hunt 

  • Candy cane toss/ catch - Tie a piece of ribbon or twine from one post or chair to another. Players must stand on top of the chairs and try to be the first to drop a candy cane from the chair onto the ribbon and get it to stay there. Play until the first player gets a candy cane to catch on the ribbon or see who can get the most in a minute

  • Christmas Song/ Movie Pictionary - A dry erase Board and some index cards are all you need to make this game work.



Stack the Snacks.

There's no need to cook like your trying to feed half of Whoville. Easy finger foods like sliders, cheese dip, slow cooker meatballs, lil' smokies or if you wanna get fancy you could set up a Slow cooker dip chocolate dipping station. Get 3-5 Mason jars filled with various chocolate and vanilla chips, fill the slow cooker up to the halfway point on the jars and turn it on. The chocolate will stay melted without burning.



Adulting the Christmas way.

Well once the kids are asleep, or if you had no kids at the party to start, its time for some grown up fun. One of the coolest ideas I've ever seen is this solid ice shot chute. The picture should speak for itself. My friend made this using a plastic tub, plastic wrap to make it easier to remove the ice, and a soldering iron to carve the chute. The key is to make the base thick so that it lasts through out the night and obviously keep it away from direct heat. Another good one is the Jell-O shot Christmas Tree which is both decorative and tasty. There are also several Christmas themed versions of the "What Am I?" Game online that are hilarious.


The most important thing is that you take time to enjoy your party as much as your guests. Have any other holiday party ideas? Let us know in the comment and don't forget to subscribe to Yagoli for more holiday hints.

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