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12 Posts of Christmas: #4 Wait they have what?

December 17, 2016

In our 2nd post of Christmas, we looked at gift ideas for the people on your list that are notoriously difficult to shop for. While browsing for some of the last gifts I gotta buy before the holiday, I came across several websites with some off the wall gifts. For the 4th post of Christmas we're going take a look at some of the gift ideas that made me do a double take.


Tangram Factory Smart Rope -$59.99 to $150.03 based on size- A jump rope that keeps count! This little piece of exercise equipment comes equip with a set of led lights that display your count as your jumping. Even better, the Smart Rope links to the Smart Gym app via bluetooth to keep a record for you to monitor your progress.



Jamstix+ Bluetooth Guitar -$299.99- Jam out any where with portable, wireless guitar. It not only works as a trainer for new players, but also allows more experienced players to record their own song via apps like Garageband. They even have a left-handed version for sale when order through the



Orbo Kids Smartwatch -$59.99- We briefly talked about how kids want to do things that they see grow-ups do in the 2nd post of Christmas. Well here is one item that satisfies that desire. The Orbo smartwatch features a rotating camera, Bluetooth pairing, games, a pedometer, and mini-SD slot to expand its built in 1 GB memory up to 32 GB.



Windshield Heads Up Display -$47.99- Here's a nice gift for any driving enthusiasts, ride share drivers you may know. Compatible with any OBDII or EUOBD equipped cars, This little projector shows the driver their speed, engine RPM, water temperature, battery voltage, fuel economy, distance driven, and fault codes for the check engine light all without having to take their eyes off the road.



Laser Projection Keyboard -$169.99- Some people find it hard to cope with the tiny typing space provided by most smart phones. For those of with exceptionally large hands, here is an alternative that can fit in your pocket. This projector connects to your devices via Bluetooth and includes a projection mouse where applicable.



Tribord Easybreath Snorkeling Mask -$49.99 to 169.99 depending on size- Anyone who has gone snorkeling knows how annoying it can be to get having your mask fog up or getting water splashed in your snorkel. That's why Tribord created a snorkeling mask that affords its user a full face mask with 180 degree field of vision. The mask also allows snorkelers to breath naturally through the mouth and nose.




The Stormtrooper Toaster -$59.99- Nearly every circle of friends has one or two Star Wars fans out there. What better way to start your morning of looking for droids, than with a nice breakfast. This toaster is not only modeled after the iconic Stormtrooper Helmet, but is also toasts the Imperial emblem right onto your bread.




Phone-Charging Purse -$79.95- For the ladies in your life that are always on the go. This purse contains an auxiliary, rechargeable battery with a capacity to provide a full charge to a dead phone. The vegan friendly leather purse is 9 3/4" by 8 3/4" with a max capacity of about 1 lb.




These are just a few of the unique gift ideas I came across. Know of any other off the wall Christmas gifts on the market this year? As always let me know in the comments and don't forget to subscribe to Yagoli.

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