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12 Posts of Christmas: #3 The Live Tree

December 15, 2016


I know that many people these days have resorted to Christmas trees that come with instructions or a remote control. However, I also know that many people just can't get into the spirit without that fresh tree smell wafting through the air. Some people prefer plastic trees simply because they don't know how to pick out a good tree and keep it healthy. With that said, I hope the 3rd post of Christmas will help you keep the green in your holiday season.




  • The best tree you could get is one freshly-cut from a nursery or one that you cut yourself. Most of the trees you find for sale were cut days or even weeks beforehand.

  • The best types of Christmas trees you can buy are the Scotch pine, Douglas fir, white pine, and balsam fir, with Scotch pine being the cream of the crop so to speak

  • If you do go to one of those tree lots and see a ton of needles on the ground, don't waste your money there. Those trees already have a foot in the grave and water won't save them.

  • If you truly want to know how fresh a tree is, run your hand up the branch going away from the trunk of the tree. You shouldn't see any needles fall off.

  • Want to keep your Christmas tree past the holidays. Get a Norfolk Island pine and have it potted.




  • As soon as you get your tree home, saw a couple inches off the bottom of the trunk. When trees are cut, sap bleeds out and seals the opening. Cutting off the base will open up the seal and allow the tree to absorb water.

  • Watering is essential to keeping a healthy tree. Fresh cut trees can take in about a gallon of water in a day. Once you set up your tree stand, fill it with water and keep it filled. Check on the water every 12 hours or so and don't let the water get below the base of your tree.

  • Don't let your Christmas tree get turned into a yule log. Keep the tree away from any heat sources and avoid setting up your tree within 6 inches of any electrical outlets.

  • Pines and firs prefer lower temperatures. Keep the room temp down to a moderate level and your tree will thank you...sort of.

  • I know it works for flowers, but some people say aspirin or sugar in the water works for trees as well.


I hope these tips help you keep your tree happy and healthy. Know of any other tree tips I missed? For more helpful holiday posts be sure to like and subscribe to Yagoli.


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