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The 12 Posts of Christmas: #2 The "Hard-to-Shop for" Cheat Sheet

December 15, 2016


Happy holidays life lovers! We've all got that one friend or family member that is impossible to buy gifts for. According to my friends that's usually me, and I'd like to think that I've been making it easier for her over the years but I kinda doubt it. In that spirit, I'm hoping that my 2nd post of Christmas will help you shop for that certain someone without having to fall back on generic gift cards.


Gifts for kids


Shopping for kids these days is so much harder than it used to be. There are thousands of different options just in the toy section at Walmart. Fortunately kids want to grow up so fast and do a lot of the "cool" stuff they see grown-ups doing. A child's digital camera if they like to go on adventures, a jewelry box for the little princess, a child's tablet for the gamer or an art set/ musical instrument for the young painter or rocker are all gifts that can inspire a child far more than the latest action figure or doll.


Gifts for teens

Now we're moving from kids to young adults. Some of the same gift ideas that worked for younger kids can still work here. The main difference is that the "children's version" isn't going to cut it now. They want the real thing and they're old enough to know the difference. Luckily most teenagers wear their interests on their sleeves, sometimes literally. The rebellious rocker that's been jamming since age 6 could use a scorebook from one of there favorite brands. The techie might appreciate a drone or robot building kit. The little princess turning into a woman could use a vanity or nail art kit. And the junior chef could go for a personalized apron or chef's coat. Depending on how old they are, a nice bottle of perfume/ cologne may also be a well received gift as well as.


Gifts for Co-workers

Secret Santa can be an awkward part of the season for some people, especially if you draw someone that you know nothing about. Gift certificates aren't a bad fall back, but if you want to avoid that avenue think something universally well received. A picture frame for their desk or a graphic mug work if you want to be practical. You can also look at stress relief gifts like aromatic sachets or a massaging seat cushion. If you happen to draw the boss you go a little more in-depth with things like desk sculptures, or you could go with monogrammed items like mugs, cuff links or a money clip.


Gifts for the Party Host/ Hostess

Nearly every group of friends has a default party host or hostess that'll throw the occasional spur of the moment party at their place. Shopping for them is so much easier than a lot of people think. Adult oriented board games, bar tools and accessories, home décor items, bottles of their favorite drink and eclectic kitchen gadgets are always a great way to go when shopping for the party starters in your life.


Gifts for the Intellectuals


NO BOOKS. If the intellectual in your has a more than one bookshelf, buying them a book is sucker's bet because chances are they either already have, had and it read or someone else got them that exact same book. Instead go for more décor based gifts canvas art, sculptural book ends, a framed historical news article or any number of antiques related to their field of interest.


Gifts for the Family



Shopping for a gift that can be enjoyed by multiple people can be taxing to say the least. I know earlier I said we were trying to steer clear of generic gift cards, but the key there is generic. A generic gift card to most people is the same as giving them cash. A specialty gift card like a movie theatre or restaurant card is something that still shows thought, while allowing the family to use it as they please. A family with older kids might not get that much use out of a board game these days, but just about everyone likes going to the movies or going out to eat.


If all else fails

There are two gifts that are always a good fallback as long as the person doesn't already have it, free stuff and streaming services. Buying a year's worth of Hulu or Netflix for someone is so easy you don't even have to be good at wrapping, while a sizeable amount of credits in PSN or XBOX Live would work for any gamers in your life and a reservation at the spa for a friend or loved one in need of pampering is also a safe bet. The key factors to consider when having trouble buying a gift for someone are:

  • Do they have it or something similar to it?

  • Do they like practical things or aesthetic things?

  • Can you find a way to personalize the gift?

  • Is it a dime a dozen or a rare find?

I hope this gave you guys some inspiration as you wrap up your holiday shopping. What other gift ideas can you think of for those hard to shop for folks? Let me know in the comments and for more holiday tips be sure to subscribe to Yagoli.

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