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Snapchat Spectacles: The newest edition to the wearable tech market.

December 12, 2016

Back in 2014, people the world over couldn't wait to get there hands on Google's new toy, Google Glass. The wearable computer promised to usher in a new era of technology with features like augmented reality and bone conduction based audio. The prototype, priced at a not so modest $1500, had a relatively short run in stores before google stopped production and went back to the drawing board. Now we fast-forward to September of 2016. Snapchat, the ever expanding social app, has decided to make a wearable device in the form of a wearable Bluetooth camera. The Snapchat Spectacles, while not as versatile as Google Glass, has already amassed a solid position in the wearable technology market. Distributed via the use of the impressively unique, roaming vending machines known as Snapbots, Snapchat Spectacles are available in a limited supply for $130 per pair.



The air of mystery surrounding these tech-specs has been slowly lifting as we get closer to Christmas and so far we've learned that:


  • The glasses connect to your Snapchat Memories via Bluetooth and can record a 10-second snap with the push of a button.

  • You can add an additional 10 seconds by pressing the button again for a max 30 seconds of recording time.

  • They come in three colores: black, teal and coral.

  • A full charge allows for approximately 100 snaps.


Another cool feature to the Spectacles is the ability to fit them with prescription lenses. LensCrafters has been outfitting the glasses for $99 a pair, which increased the Spectacles popularity even more. What do you guys think about Snapchat's latest toy? Know of any features I may have missed? For the latest and greatest in new tech, be sure to subscribe to Yagoli.

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