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Yagoli stands for "Ya Gotta Live!"

Yagoli was founded in 2017, but the idea has been in the making  since 2008. In just one day a person's life can drastically change. Getting hired at a new job, starting a relationship or learning a new skill can make a huge impact on a person's future, even if they don't know it. That is what Yagoli is all about. We believe that sharing information and offering guidance is the best way to help improve the lives of others one day at a time.

Yagoli was founded by Thomas Antony Pray. A veteran of the United States Navy, Thomas gained most of his mentoring and life experiences from interacting with people of varying backgrounds and cultures. Thomas is an Expert Level Life Coach and an entrepreneur with a number of skills in various areas of expertise including music, self-defense and culinary arts. His passion for teaching and mentoring is what ultimately brought Yagoli to life.

Here at Yagoli we believe that improvement starts with an open ear. Please don't hesitate to leave a suggestion below and don't forget to  subscribe  as well to receive our newsletter as well as exclusive promotions and giveaways.

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